About us

AI specializes in enabling innovative companies and entrepreneurs in high-impact technology sectors.

We co-invest with Fortune 500 companies, financial institutions, industrial groups, and public private partnership (PPP) projects from high growth contexts – targeting industrial partnerships to accelerate development of portfolio companies.

AI invests in and manages companies covering a broad spectrum in the healthcare innovation value chain through specialized funds and SPVs:

- AI Capital: Funds and innovative financing solutions for next-generation technology companies and service models.

- AI Integrated Healthcare Solutions: SPVs investing in European healthcare assets in partnership with healthcare systems and entrepreneurs in high growth markets.

- AI Digital Health: Scaling transformative digital companies leveraging technology to make healthcare more accessible and affordable.



Ahsan Amjad

Chairman and Head of Investment

Yan Cheng

Partner (Finance)

Hans Glise

Partner (Clinical Innovation)

Ola Winqvist

Partner (Medical Innovation)

Tiehan Wang



Accelerated Drug Development AB

Immune Therapy Holdings AB

SCI Innovations AB


Karolinska Development

Ecoregions Indonesia

Geras Solutions

SCI Innovation

Immune System Regulation


Targeted Immuno Therapies AB


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